WCW: Brianna

WCW: Brianna

Let's get to know Brianna. She was born in Trinidad and currently lives in Toronto, Canada. I swear she is one of the coolest girls I have ever met and she doesn't even need to try. 


Like most of my IG friends that turned real friends I don't remember exactly when we connected. I do know that I met Brianna through BBG. I always got the cool vibe from her and she hasn't changed a bit in that sense! One of my favorite things about Instagram is that you can connect with people all around the world and not even know it at first. Brianna and I got to know each other and then one day when we started snap chatting I was like, WOAHHH, what is that accent?! Brianna is from Trinidad and still visits there but she is currently going to college in Toronto. In the past year, specifically the past few months we have gotten way closer but I'm super happy about it!

Brianna has always inspired me because she is so original. As I said, she is cool without trying but she also has a way of being so relatable. She is honest on her page and keeps it real. I love how creative she gets with her workouts and I feel that she is someone who always does what feels right in the moment. Her determination to stay fit and healthy while being a college student is super admirable -- she even shares a quick recipe every Wednesday on her IG story. I am just so sad that we still haven't met in person! We have tried and maybe - hopefully - 2018 will be our year! I cannot wait to see what is in store for Brianna. She is working her ass off to become a spin instructor and I know she is going to get there! 

Women Crush Weekly Roundup:

Name: Brianna Winford

Based: Toronto 

IG: briannabodyfit

Workouts: Lifting Weights and Spin (current), SPOKEHAUS Spin, previously Kayla Itsines BBG

Known for: Trinidad accent, witty captions, being too cool for school, easy to make healthy recipes, using the word "dope"

What You'll Find on her page: a beautiful feed, realness, quick meals, her killing it in adidas, motivation, her at spin class, how she manages college and a healthy lifestyle

If you weren't already, go give this girl boss a follow to stay inspired!

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