WCW: Jess

WCW: Jess

Meet Jess - the career changing fitness babe who took the leap into the industry and created a happier life for herself!

I was beyond obsessed with Shadowbox so when they announced their new instructors last summer I found Jess and followed her and she almost immediately followed me back. I was pretty excited cause she's a badass and clearly loved Shadow like I did. Little did I know we had a lot in common. I will never forget getting an email from her shortly after saying she found out I was a former basketball player and teacher and that there was no way we just stumbled on each other and that we should connect. I am beyond grateful for that email because it began our friendship!

Jess grew up as basketball player and she went on to play in college. She then went into education. She was a teacher and eventually a principal. See the connection yet? She was smart and successful (and still is) but wasn't fulfilled in her career over time. So at the end of the last school year she left education. Like the go-getter that she is she had been preparing for it and it's no surprise that through hard work she was offered a position at Shadowbox and then Fhitting Room. Jess is absolutely smashing it at both right now and if you are in the city you need to go check her out!

Three weeks ago I finally got to meet Jess in person in New York. Of course it was like we had known each other forever. I just love that. We grabbed lunch and went on and on about our similarities, goals and personal histories. As someone who is looking to take the leap to follow my dream in fitness Jess inspires me beyond words. And as she is someone who was in pretty much in my exact position she has given me so much hope, insight, advice and wisdom. In my opinion it is a special thing when you can learn and grow just by knowing someone. Jess has quite a way with words and is excellent at calming my nerves when it comes to taking the risk and chasing my dreams. I am SO thankful for this beauty and I'd have to agree with her we didn't find each other for no reason!

Check out her Shadowbox Schedule HERE!

Fhitting Room Schedule HERE!

Women Crush Weekly Roundup:

Name: Jessica Sims

Based: New York, New York

IG: jsimsfit

Workouts: Shadowbox, Fhitting Room Circuit Based HIIT Training, Soulcycle, HIIT, Boxing

Known for: those pretty light curls, loving croissants, her intelligence, being a boxing badass, teaching great form, her good heart and excellent advice

What You'll Find on her page: workout videos (boxing and not), realness, fierce badass shots, inspiration to get to work, a girl who fought to be where she is!

If you weren't already, go give this girl boss a follow to stay inspired!

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