WCW: Shara

Here she is: stunning Shara. Just turned 20 years old (literally yesterday) -- While most people her age are living it up in college - she listened to her heart and chased her fitness passions all the way to the Big Apple and is crushing the game!


I can't exactly put my finger on when Shara and I first started talking via IG, but as usual it was through our common interest in BBG. The first time I had the chance to meet Shara was back in April of 2016 at an NYC BBG Meetup. Over time and snapchats we became closer and back in September when I was in NYC for the Adanola event is when we got a lot closer. One of my favorite things about this community is that I don't pay attention to age of the friends I have made. We have common interests, we get along great and support each other no matter what. 

I have always been amazed by Shara...for a lot of reasons but I will share a few: her transformation is insane. She has been a dancer her whole life and over time she decided to make healthier choices and when I see her "before" photos from high school I am astonished at how far she has come. Shara is also SO young and already so successful. I am beyond inspired by her drive and the way she took a risk, left college and went to New York to pursue fitness. At such a young age she is so knowledgable in her field and I find that hella motivating. She is also one of the strongest people I know. This girl CRUSHES her workouts! Trust me, I have worked out next to her multiple times and she is a machine!

Shara is currently a trainer and model in the city and I truly cannot wait to see all the things she will do in the future. She is just at the beginning of greatness. She has recently had the opportunity to work with the company of her dreams: Nike Training, and I couldn't be more proud of her. She has gotten back into dance and if you have the chance go watch her videos - she is a BEAUTIFUL dancer and just next week I will be up there dancing with her! She is honestly one of the sweetest people I have met and she is so mature for her age. I am so lucky to have met her on this crazy journey!

Get to know her name because I would bet that one day sooner than later she is going to be a killing it with Nike, training celebrities and kicking ass! 

Women Crush Weekly Roundup:

Name: Shara Swanson

Based: New York, New York (Minnesota is home)

IG: ss.fitness.health

Snapchat: ss.fitness.health

Workouts: Kayla Itsines BBG, Her Own weightlifting, Akin's Army Bootcamp, Barry's Bootcamp, Broadway Dance Center **Teaches PT6 and trains at Focus Integrated Fitness

Known for: Youthful energy and mature mind, Trainer Tip Thursdays, those long toned dancer legs, nut butter and brunch lover, her dramatic transformation, her cute Minnesota accent

What You'll Find on her page: Beautiful dance videos, yummy food ideas ranging from breakfast to dinner, trainer tips and videos, gorgeous smile, someone who chases their dreams and doesn't look back

If you weren't already, go give this girl boss a follow to stay inspired!

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