WCW: Jera

WCW: Jera

If you haven't heard of Jera aka @workoutbean, then you have my permission to crawl out from under your rock and get to know this beauty who is inspiring people all over the world!

I don't remember when I first found Jera's page but I loved her personality and artistic style right away. We were both doing BBG at the time so I know that contributed to us finding each other. I will never forget my first trip to NYC by myself and Jera was my saving grace for that trip! I was so nervous (as were my parents) and I showed them her Instagram, like I promise she is real! She helped me with how to get around and was beyond helpful and sweet to ease my nerves. So funny to think that we first met at a BBG SoulCycle ride and NOW she is an instructor!

Jera has always inspired me. She is extremely creative but she is also extremely humble and kind. She is absolutely killing the game in NYC and deserves all the success that has come her way. She is pretty much the definition of the funny cool girl. She's an adidas ambassador, SoulCycle Instructor, blogger and all around girl boss!

If you are not familiar with Jera's story (once again, climb out from under that rock) -- I will quickly fill you in. A few years ago she recognized she was overworked and stressed beyond belief so she left her old job and started free-lance graphic design. Throughout time she realized her true passion was in fitness and she followed her gut and dreams to become a SoulCycle instructor. She endured a tough journey through that process. She handled failure with such grace and is the definition of someone who NEVER gave up, against all odds, to get what she wanted. The determination she showed through all the ups and downs has been a huge motivator for me. As someone who wants to change careers and is terrified to do so - seeing Jera's journey is more than inspiring. I think her story gives hope to anyone and everyone who is scared of failure and who have experienced failure and instead of giving up she has taught us to only push harder. After a long journey she became a SoulCycle instructor back in November! I truly could not have been happier for her in that moment. 

This past weekend in New York I knew I had to fit one of Jera's classes into my trip full of fun. I WISH I could take Jera's class religiously. The style of her class and the environment she creates is amazing! It's exactly the type of class I vibe with. It was my first ever SoulCycle triple and as soon as her class started I forgot about how tired I was. It was the best way to end the day. Seeing her up there doing her thang was incredible and inspiring. I honestly only have great things to say about what I experienced in her class that day! Bonus: Jera played one of my all time favorite songs because she had a feeling I would like it, too sweet right?! 

Trust me if you are in NYC and love Soul - you NEED to take Jera's class!

Check out her SoulCycle schedule HERE!

Women Crush Weekly Roundup:

Name: Jera Foster-Fell

Based: New York, New York

IG: workoutbean

Snapchat: workoutbean

Blog: www.workoutbean.com

Motto: Trust your dopeness

Workouts: SoulCycle (DUH!), Kayla Itsines BBG, Barre, Progress Pure Curve Guide, she can pretty much do it all!

Known for: Never giving up when chasing her dreams, entertaining snapchats, immense love for her adorable howling pup, Spicy Grandpa, being super dope and uniquely herself, jamming to Enrique Iglesias's Bailando

What You'll Find on her page: Beautifully curated feed, inspirational words, Spicy G, SoulCycle, adidas, friends, jokes, happiness and a girl who has worked damn hard to get to where she is!

If you weren't already, go give this girl boss a follow to stay inspired!

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