WCW: Ashley

WCW: Ashley

If this smiling stunner isn't someone you see in your feed, get ready to because her kindness and positivity is contagious and something everyone needs! Let me give you the DL on Ash:


After making my fitness instagram, I started searching for girls doing BBG and I was lucky to find so many who had started around when I did, it was easy to relate, connect and build relationships. I first found Cindy, which led me to this smiley lovebug, Ashley. I reached out to her via DM and I swear I donโ€™t have a sweeter friend. I have a lot of kind friends but this girl is another level of kind, understanding and someone who finds the good in all people. As someone who has pretty much always been a pessimist, having Ashley as a friend has brought tons of positivity into my life and encouraged me to look at things differently. 

The first time I ever heard about SoulCycle was from this girl! It was plastered all over her page: skulls, yellow wheels, smiles and cool pictures with her instructor, Sabine. It was only fitting the first time we met she hosted a BBG x SoulCycle ride. It was an overwhelming and exciting day; I met so many IG friends in real life for the first time and a lot of it is because of her organizing that ride.  Here I am, 16 months later absolutely in LOVE with Soul & I credit so much of it to her for introducing me to it! One of my favorite parts of the week is calling her after class and telling her all about it or catching up over snapchat about our different rides.

Ashley is a busy girl - between planning her August wedding to her highschool sweetheart, Joe (which by the way is going to be stunning!) being a fashion buyer and working out she has her hands full but gets it all done! Also - she is super knowledgable when it comes to skincare and makeup, I'm always bugging her for what I should be using! Time with family and friends is super important to Ashley and she has never lost sight of that. Whenever I see sunflowers I think of her because it's something super meaningful to her and her dear grandma. Basically, I don't care if you don't workout or don't know what the hell SoulCycle is - you NEED to feel the positivity and kindness that Ash spreads. When you see a post from her page it brings you warmth and good vibes because that is what she is all about. Genuine, sweet, kindhearted, soulful and beautiful inside and out!

Women Crush Weekly Roundup:

Name: Ashley Petroso (soon to be Donofrio)

Based: New York

IG: ashmichele917

Motto: Love More, Judge Less

Workouts: SoulCycle, Kayla Itsines BBG, Tone It Up, Strong & Sexy Body Method (current)

Known for: loving SoulCycle, Sephora Gold Card member, her infectious smile, finding the good in anything and her insane summer tan

What You'll Find on her page: SOULCYCLE! Moving motivational words, tons of quotes, workout videos, stunning makeup, those who mean the most to her, smiles, kindness and POSITIVITY

If you weren't already, go give this girl boss a follow to stay inspired!

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