WCW: Chelsea

WCW: Chelsea

Let me introduce you to Chelsea: the animal and Harry Potter loving bestie I met via Instagram and now couldn't imagine life without her!

Shortly after I made my fitness Instagram I was searching BBG girls and I stumbled on Chelsea's page. I had a few thoughts: first off, she's stunning. Secondly, I loved how her feed had consistent filters that were aesthetically pleasing to the eye. And lastly, she had just recently made these waffles that looked beyond delicious - I had to DM her. So basically it all started with me being a creeper like: Hey, you're beautiful, what filter do you use on your food pics and tell me about these waffles?! Over time we added each other on snapchat and we got SO close from there. I now consider her one of my very best friends, crazy how all this works! We bonded over our Harry Potter obsession, love for dogs (and of course waffles) and sincere sarcasm. 

Chelsea is tough as nails and has fought against a lot in her life and she ended up on top. Without getting too deep into details (she has shared these stories on her page) she has battled with depression, drugs and alcohol. But look at her now: happier, fitter and stronger than ever! She comes from deeply rooted Irish family and appreciates a good Guinness. Chelsea graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and she is now working at a clinic until she can get into Vet School. On top of that crazy schedule she still manages to get in her workouts even if that means waking up and doing it before work #priorities! She is also super talented at doing makeup. You may not know this about her but it's true! She has even sent me a step by step video tutorial on eye makeup...still haven't mastered that one yet! 

I am incredibly thankful for this girl and our friendship. Sometimes I can't believe how someone I have met in person 3 times is one of my best friends and I feel comfortable enough to tell her anything. But, there are some people you stumble on in life and you just know you were "supposed to" meet, Chelsea is one of these people. Okay, enough with the mushy! She's a stunner, a badass, a believer and a fierce friend. 

Women Crush Weekly Roundup:

Name: Chelsea Tuite

Based: Ohio

IG: chelseatuite

Snapchat: chels_tuite

Workouts: Kayla Itsines BBG, Weight training, her own HIIT, Paola's Strong & Sexy Body Method (current)

Known for: being a Harry Potter fanatic, boldly standing behind her beliefs, sticking up for her friends, piercing eyes, never letting our snap-streak end

What You'll Find on her page: fabulous meal ideas, adorable selfies, her pups (obviously), consistent beautiful photos, strong words from a strong woman

Disclaimer: **She is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, but we are all allowed to have some flaws, I forgive her for this**

If you weren't already, go give this girl boss a follow to stay inspired!

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