The Food that Helps Me Sleep Later

The Food that Helps Me Sleep Later

 This post is sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company, but all opinions are my own.

Ever since I left my job as a teacher, my schedule has been up in the air. Some days I have to wake up super early and head down the road and some days I can sleep in until an embarrassing time if I want.  I've told you all this before but I LOVE my sleep and I also need it! I get a ton of questions about "quick-fixes" to getting abs or a healthy toned body. There is no quick fix but one of the biggest things I tell people is that their diet is crucial.


I have teamed up with Quaker to share their new Overnight Oats and while it won't give you a six-pack because you eat it - it does save you time in the morning and is a nutritious breakfast option that can help hold you over (that's a "quick-fix" to me)! With summer coming to an end I am enjoying all the peaches I can have -- that includes in my oats! So my recent flavor of choice is: Orchard Peach Pecan Perfection. I add a little yogurt to it for that creamy texture and it helps keep me full through my mornings.

As someone who likes to live a healthier lifestyle I like to have food options in my diet that allows me to live that way. Each cup of oats is made up of: 100% whole grain oats and other grains, No Artificial Flavors and No Added Colors, at least 11g of Protein when made with 1/2 cup of Vitamin A and Vitamin D Fortified Skim Milk and is a good source of Fiber (10 grams of fat or less per container).

They're SO easy. When I know I have to roll out of the house in the morning and I will want to sleep as late as I can, I will prepare my Quaker Overnight Oats the night before.

  • Step One: Open the lid, peel off the liner
  • Step Two: Add your dairy or non-dairy milk option of your choice to the "fill line" (I use almond milk)
  • Step Three: Stir and put the lid back on
  • Step Four: Cold-steep overnight in the refrigerator
  • Step Five: Grab it the next morning, pop off the lid (I add yogurt) and chow down!

Easy right?!

I can sleep later and enjoy my breakfast while I am packing my bag and getting ready for the day. They make it easy to get out there put in the work and hustle hard without spending the extra time in the kitchen. Head over to to check them out!

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