Meal Planning without the Meal Prep

Meal Planning without the Meal Prep

You all asked so here it is!

A healthy diet is the key to success for a fit lifestyle. In order to see results changes need to be made in the kitchen and the choices we make when eating. This was a HUGE adjustment for me when I started this whole thang! 

I decided to start planning my meals and snacks for the week and I gave myself no option but to: STICK TO IT. There is no secret key to sticking to it besides willpower and knowing in order to see results and progress being "strict" comes with it. Over time I have loosened up a bit however I still plan and do my best to not derail. 

So here is how I do it: 

I create a Word Document. Simple as that. It looks like the examples below.

These are from when I was a little stricter with following Kayla Itsines' Food Help Guide.

I keep it minimized on my computer and check it for the next day and make sure I pack my lunch and snacks according to it. I plan out when my cheat/treat meal(s) are. I almost never fully plan out my weekends but at this point I know what I should be eating and what food groups I need to get in!

This doesn't mean I don't have slip ups. I switch things up or I end up not being in the mood for what I planned but it is a great base for me and has worked for quite some time. I have 3 main reasons for planning and not meal prepping:

  • I like my food fresh! 
  • I just don't have the time on Sundays to set aside a couple hours to cook
  • I am not someone who can eat the same thing for every meal 5 days straight (SNOOZE!) You should look forward to your food even if it's healthy and I found that very hard for the 1 week I tried to do just the same dinner!

Here are 2 examples of what my days have been looking like more recently!

I want to add if you like to plan in general you need to get yourself a Passion Planner. I have been using mine for a month and I absolutely love it! It helps me see short term goals and focus on achieving them!

If the meal prep doesn't work for you - try to meal PLAN. It keeps me sane and works better for my busy schedule. Plan it out. Get your groceries according to that plan and STICK TO IT! 




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