Take the #GetInMotion Challenge With Me

Take the #GetInMotion Challenge With Me

This one is for all my ladies.

Disclaimer: Giveaway info at the end of the blog post

I feel like people cringe on social media when our monthly friend is mentioned. Hello, it's natural - it's call a PERIOD. And I know a ton of women have different experiences with their periods. But it is probably safe to say that we have all experienced cramps or sluggish behavior when our time comes and it cause us to want to crawl in bed, watch netflix and eat comfort food. 

February is the perfect month take this challenge with me because it is the short month of 28 days, understand the timing ;) I want you all to join me to get moving EVERY day in February - yes that includes while you are on your period! Trust me, working out and moving while on your dot makes you feel SO much better! For years I have read and heard that there are also benefits to working out during your time of the month. Like: with the hormone shift we can burn fat faster due to lower estrogen levels, it can help relieve us of those annoying period-related symptoms - less cramps, lighter flow and lastly the endorphins we receive from working out distracts our minds from the discomfort and pain.

Over the next month I am teaming up with my go-to tampon company, Tampax, and I am getting in motion! I was pretty stoked when Tampax reached out because they have always been my trusted and favorite tampon brand. In my opinion, they are the most comfortable and the cute packaging helps :) I have started using their new Tampax Pearl Active tampons and with their MotionFit core they are the BEST workout-ready tampons. From SoulCycle to kickboxing to jumping around doing HIIT workouts - I know I am protected. I know we all love those "quick" Target runs that turn into hours, so next time you're there make sure you grab a box! Even on rest days this month I plan to #GetInMotion in some way - whether that be stretching or taking walks with friends or Bella.

Our periods should not be an excuse to not workout. So I want you to join me to not let them stop us from being active this month! When your time comes, Tampax Pearl Active tamps are must haves for your leak-free protection.


Okay ladies -- I have A YEAR supply of Tampax Pearl Active to give away! To enter and get active with me: Tag me (kal_fitlife) and Tampax (@Tampax) on Instagram and use the hashtag #SweatSelfie to show me how you are getting in motion this month and throughout the year!

Let's not let mother nature stop us from moving and being the powerful badass women that we are!

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