Healthy Habits I am starting in February

Healthy Habits I am starting in February

Everyone starts all their new resolutions in January but I feel like the month went by so fast!

I have been thinking about new ways to be productive and healthy this year and I decided to make a list of all the things I am going to START in February and hope to make them habits that last!


1. Drybrushing

Most of us have probably heard of this by now. It is a technique many women use to help reduce their cellulite. It has other benefits as well: exfoliates your skin, increases circulation (therefore helping reduce cellulite), it can even help with your digestion. The reason I'm doing it? CELLULITE! I used to be so ashamed of mine but when you realize almost 90% of women have it, no matter what their body type is - you can't care so deeply about it! I want to get into the habit of dry brushing at leasttttt 3 times a week before I shower!

I am getting this cheap brush off amazon that has great reviews for a "newbie dry brusher". 

2. Bullet Journaling 

Yep, I'm hopping on the bandwagon! Because I think it is going to make me 10000 times more productive and organized! I love my Passion Planner but I see them as two different ways to log things. I like that the bullet journal is more of a to-do list and can be more personalized where the Passion Planner you can set weekly/monthly or long term goals and works more for scheduling things! 

I will definitely be reading @rrayyme's post to fill out my journal!

3. Stretching & Foam Rolling

I needed to be more diligent about both of these things. No excuses! Which is why I am making it a goal to do it more. I want to stretch 6 days a week before bed and foam roll at least 4 days a week. With SoulCycle Instructor Training starting I KNOW my body is going to need it and if I don't do it my body will suffer. I am someone who, if I don't get the stretching done at class or the gym I am most likely not going to do it and that NEEDS to change!

4. Oil Pulling

Another amazing idea I stole from @rrayyme! She had such great results with 28 days of oil pulling that I was convinced it's worth a try. My friend Macy just started as well as said it is bearable! Oil Pulling has more benefits than just whitening your teeth - it helps kill bacteria, plaque build up, strengthens your gums, eliminates bad breath and is all around great for oral hygiene. While, I don't loveeee the idea - I am going to challenge myself to try it!

5. No eating past 10 PM

Some people may think this is shockingly late but some of my nights are very late and I have no option but to eat after 9 PM. This is a goal of mine because I have found myself snacking right before bed and I know that is not good for my digestion, nor my eating habits! 

I have plenty of other goals I am trying to achieve and work towards but I wanted to share 5 that I think are going to help me start off a new month on the right foot! I also wanted to keep it to a reasonable about of healthy habits because after all big changes are coming - I move up to NYC mid-February for training!



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