Favorite Lifestyle & Travel Instagrams to Follow

Favorite Lifestyle & Travel Instagrams to Follow

I am so happy I started branching out from following just "fitness related" pages on Instagram.  It has been so refreshing and also inspiring for me to do this. One, so I can live vicariously through some people who travel to the most beautiful places in the world. And, two, because I find that these travel and lifestyle bloggers edit their photos in a unique and beautiful way that has made me take a step back and think about how I edit my photos and curate my feed. 

Here are 12 accounts - some I have followed for quite some time and some are more recent. I am equally obsessed with all of them:

1. @effortlyss



Lyss started out as a fitness blogger which is one reason I think her page is so fascinating. She lives in NYC, has great style, travels a ton and gets the most epic photos to showcase all 3 of these. You can tell she cares about her followers and the way she edits is stunning. 



Madeleine is a travel blogger who travels the globe with her love to some of the most sought out destinations. Her photo editing is super bright and colorful.  She also writes amazing blog posts about her travels!



This is one of my most recent finds and I am beyond obsessed.  Anna lisa runs this page with her husband Porter and it consists of absolutely stunning travel photos of herself and them together. This page has beautifully bright photos with contrast. and will make any wanderluster jealous. 



Debi is another globetrotter that jet sets to amazing destinations . She works with her talented photographer boyfriend (@keeevsch) and they have their own Lightroom presets. This page is full of creative shots, some using a drone,  mainly near the water so all the blue is easy on the eyes.  



I met Ashley through BBG but I only knew of her fitness page and then we started talking and I found out about her incredible travels.  She spent 2017 traveling , most of it solo - which is awesome. She goes into detail in her captions about her travels and has amazing photos to match the stories.



Hawaii based foodie mama. Need I say more? Andrea is a plant-based foodie  who shares incredible healthy recipes and adventures with her adorable surfer family. Her page is full of bright colors with a lot of contrast so there is a dark vibe. I love the way she edits her photos and I want to eat/drink every one of her smoothies!  



Emilie is an extremely talented photographer who also wanders off to beautiful places. Almost all of her photos have this "stillness" to them and her editing is soft and stunning. I have been following her forever, I use her photos as my backgrounds of my HIIT workouts that I post, definitely a fave!



Most of us have seen her somewhere I am sure! I think I initially saw Helen on Pinterest?! Helen is obviously gorgeous and she has the Instagram feed to match her beauty. She showcases her style but also travels the world with her bf (@zackkalter) any Des Bachelorette fans? Her page is as bright and beautiful as her smile !



Talk about Instagram color theme goals! Tezza is based in NYC and her page is so beautifully curated you just have to stare at it. You will see super creative editing, sharp images, pops of red and warm tones.  



Audrie is another recent find of mine that I am obsessed with! She is super relatable and her editing skills are UH-mazing! She has a blog and YouTube channel in addition to IG.  Audrie has a very obvious theme to her feed and it is: dark tones.  Her page is unique and if you like lifestyle bloggers - go follow immediately!  



Stunner with style. One day I was scrolling on my feed and noticed she followed me. You know when you randomly notice people and you click on their page? Well, she immediately got hit with the follow back because I love her vibe. Her style is ON POINT, not to mention she is gorgeous! She loves to edit with cooler tones and is super helpful sharing all of her outfit details.



Gina may be one of the first lifestyle bloggers I started following months ago! Her feed features darker tones and beautiful editing. Her photos make me want to dive head first into her closet. I love how "day-to-day" her page seems - almost all of her photos are taken at a coffee shop/restaurant or on the street. Style inspo for sure!

Take a look at all of these ladies and hit that follow button if your heart desires! What's the worst that could happen? You have beautiful travel, style and photo inspiration on your feed? ;)

Have a good one 


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