Getting Back on Track 101

Ever had a weekend or vacation where you fell off track and wondered how to reset?

If not -- it's nice to meet you, you alien! For real, I think we have all been there in some way. I just got back from multiple vacations and my sister's Bachelorette Weekend. All of which included alcohol, naughty foods and extra rest days. While I did work out during these times I was not perfect. Do I have regrets? Hell NO! It was fun and I was living in the moment. My healthy and fit lifestyle is exactly that...a lifestyle. It is not a diet or a fad. Therefore - I need the balance and moderation to stay sane and to also not miss out on memories. 

Here are my tips on how to hop back on the healthy horse once you are back home:

1. Go Grocery Shopping

You need to clean up your diet to reset. Fuel your body with more than just pizza and vodka. Actually, I recommend no pizza or vodka for at least a week. Incorporate a lot of greens, veggies, fruits, lean meats and protein. Once you start eating better I promise you will feel better and lost that bloat!

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

I know when I travel I never get enough water. So once you are home it is crucial to set a goal to drink a certain amount per day to re-hydrate your body. The more clear the pee the better! 

3. Make a Workout Plan

Write down what workouts you are going to do what day. Pick your rest day(s) and stick to them! Switch up your workouts too. I think this makes it more fun when you are resetting so you have a variety and it doesn't feel like you are going through the motions!

4. Set a Food Goal

This has worked for me. For example - I won't eat French Fries until Friday. I won't eat sushi this week. I will eat 4 salads this week. Anything like this. It can be for something healthy you will eat or something unhealthy you will stay away from.

5. Forget About It, Move On, #NOREGRETS

We all fall off the wagon at some point. Beating yourself up about it will do nothing for you! Why dwell on it? It is over and done with. The biggest thing is, did you enjoy yourself? Probably so. Even if you felt like a gremlin once you returned you most likely had a phenomenal time creating memories and enjoying yourself. It's called vacation for a reason! My biggest piece of advice would be: DON'T EAT LESS to make up for it! That's stupid. Move on from the choices you made. Reflect on the great time you had and have no regrets -- you'll kick ass once you accept this!

Live your damn life and move on!

Here's to a new week! (fist bump)

xx Kallie



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