A few years back I was at the gym and saw people lifting weights during a class in the group exercise room and I was intrigued. I came to find out the class was called BodyPump and after casually watching from the cardio machines a few times and thinking I could handle it I decided to test it out. After I took my first class, I was hooked right away -- it made me feel strong and capable. Before I got my full time job I was consistently taking one instructor during the day time classes twice a week. Then when I got a full time job I had to find a new night time instructor that motivated me. It's nearly 3 years later I am now friends with and religiously taking Erin, the night time instructor I started with. I'm very thankful for her and her teaching style. She challenges her classes, motivates them and throws in quirky jokes when you need them.

On January 14th Les Mills launched BODYPUMP 100 worldwide. HUGE DEAL! Celebrating 25 years of a class that is enjoyed by many all over. It was super cool and special to be a part of an epic day where so many BodyPumpers participated in the same workout. I received some awesome products from Reebok for the launch. I rocked the 100 outfit for the big day but I am super grateful for the rest of the swag and slightly obsessed with the plum outfit!

For the 100 launch, my gym & it's sister gym combined for a big party on the basketball court. We had 8 different instructors lead their own track and it was equally intense and fun! My favorite from the release had to be the shoulder track followed by the back track -- they are both SUPER challenging but the songs pushed me at the exact time I needed it. 

BodyPump is a class that has taught me SO much about form and recognizing what weight I can lift to push myself. It's all about that time under tension, staying with the counts and within the range is crucial in this class because that is where the change happens!

What to expect at BodyPump

You will need a bench, risers, a bar and weight plates. There are 2.5, 5 and 10 pound plates. At my gym you are allowed to get as many as you need - to get me through the entire class I use: four 10s, four 5s and two 2.5s. No, I do not use all this weight for every track! The heaviest track of the class will be your squat track, which is the first track after the warm up, so at least you get it out of the way ;) Warm Up and Biceps are normally the same and they will be the lightest weight of the class.

This is the track order:

  • Warm Up
  • Squat
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Lunge
  • Shoulders
  • Abs
  • Cool Down

The instructors do a great job of letting you know how much weight you should be adding on or taking off in between every track. Listening to their cues is key.  The challenging part and main part of the class is timing with the weight you have (aka "time under tension"). There are different counts in this class when it comes to timing (2:2, 3:1, 1:3, slow 4 count, pulses etc.) Once you get hang of the count and form you'll start to feel like a pro!

Thank you to Reebok for the opportunity and support -- All opinions in this blog are my own

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