Part of me didn't even want to check my Instagram "best nine" photos of 2016 for a few reasons. I knew it wouldn't show the photos I was most proud of. Nor would it show the photos that represent the best moments of the year when it came to all the things my fitness Instagram has given me. The friendships, opportunities, all the love and support and the chance to spread messages I believe in.

I decided to take a note out of Joanne's book. She created her own best nine based on the moments and images that stood out to her in 2016 and I was beyond inspired. Also, why not start off the year with one of my goals of more consistent blogging!

While I am proud of some photos I have taken this year and the new (lovely) algorithm has made them experience less engagement I narrowed it down to these 9. And I want to share why I chose these moments:

1. I guess I cheated a little I combined 4 of my photos. This year I got to meet these 4 beauties (and more!) IN REAL LIFE for the first time after months and months of IG, Snapchat and texting communication. I first met Shara in April at the NYC BBG Meetup. I met Christina, Claire and Macy all at the Sweat Tour Bootcamp in NYC back in June. I value all 4 of these relationships and couldn't imagine this without them!

2. Back in May I got out of my comfort zone and hosted my first BBG MD meetup! This meetup made me realize that I LOVE leading a group in a fitness setting. The moment was made even more special because I had some of my best friends travel in for it! Dope AF Casey, Sassy sweet Stef and cute badass Chelsea.

3. In July I had the opportunity to shoot with alala for their Fall 16 Collection. It was another moment to get out of my comfort zone and shoot with a real photographer (not a tripod and iPhone) for a brand I LOVE! This was one of the first shots we took and in this post I opened up about the experience. Aside from the shoot. Back in August I found out they decided to use some of my shots on their website and it was an incredibly surreal and proud moment of 2016 for me!

4. I can't even with this moment. I travelled up to NYC alone for photoshoots, fitness classes, to meet friends and I made it around the city on my own - it was a huge moment for me and I finished the trip the best way possible. I got to ride side by side with Casey in my first ever Trammell  SoulCycle class and it was AMAZING. This class made me fall in love with Soul, he is also an incredible and KIND person that is nothing but supportive of me and I am so grateful for that! As Casey would say #TeamTrammell 4 LYFE

5. Ash, my Ash! I don't even know where to start with this girl. She is one of the closest friends I have made from this fitness account. Back in September I got to go to New York last minute and we had the chance to go to dinner together. It's those intimate moments that are so special. We had burgers and fries and amazing conversation. Ashley is truly the sweetest person I have ever met and that night was so special since we're far apart!

6. I just like this photo and it passes on one of my biggest messages to all women. Be fierce, be feminine, be confident and be a badass!

7. The Bahamas was the first trip that my boyfriend and I ever went on just us two. It was exactly what we needed: time away to relax and enjoy our time together. We both tried stand up paddleboarding together for the first time and it was SO fun! 

8. I knew I wanted to SoulCycle more after taking Trammell's class twice in NYC. As we all know the instructor makes the class and for me music is a huge contributing factor (especially when it comes to Soul). I asked Trammell his advice on who has a similar teaching style to him in the DC area and lucky for me Jonas was moving here the next week. It was game over after the first class I took with him. I can't wait to continue to ride with and learn from Jonas in 2017. So grateful he is here!

9. Short & Sweet - I started making my own acai bowls this year. I love their taste and have so much fun  decorating and creating different bowls!

Here is my best nine based soley on likes in 2016:

My journey is more than a series of before and after photos. I am very proud of how far I have came physically however I pride myself on creating a message and inspiring others based on words and content more than just what my body looks like. I encourage you to come up with your best nine based on moments and feelings or photos you are proud of rather than what the likes tell you, it feels damn good!




Wanderlust 108 Festival

Wanderlust 108 Festival