Wanderlust 108 Festival

Wanderlust 108 Festival

Have you ever been a part of a triathlon that focuses on your mind, body and soul? Shwoo, talk about an experience that leaves you feeling free, spiritual, and thankful. Wanderlust 108 Festivals has teamed up with adidas to bring people (yogi's especially) a field day to remember.

Being a yogi for the day was a little out of my comfort zone but I luckily had the chance to take one of my oldest and best friends and she knows WAY more than I do when it comes to yoga. Once we arrived, we checked in, got our race bibs and wanderlust buffs then lined up for the start of the 5K race. After an awesome warm up from  MC YOGI we were pumped up and ready to run. 

We had some time in between the race and the yoga dance party. We walked around to check out the different vendors. My friend, Madeline, got a huge banana and nutella crepe from a food truck and both got our hair braided at the braid bar (all about the braid bar!).

MC Yogi got the energy flowing in DC with the yoga dance party and then Chelsey Korus came out and joined in on the fun and led a fabulous session. The sun started peaking through the clouds and it turned into a beautiful day. We wrapped up our time as a whole group with guided meditation led by Noah Levine. He did a amazing job and being in a sea of people but feeling connected with just yourself and forgetting rest was a pretty special feeling. 

After this we (of course) took photos of each other and together. Then we proceeded to grab some food and headed to our choice session...AIReal Yoga! This was such a COOL experience! I was nervous it wasn't going to hold me and I would fall on my face. Our session leader guided us perfectly and it was so fun! I need to find an aerial yoga studio near me. 

We had such a fun time goofing off, working out, trying something new and feeding off the energy. It was a no judgment zone and it had the relaxed, yoga vibe one would expect. Needless to say the next morning I was sore in all sorts of places I haven't been before. So to those of you who say yoga isn't a workout...you probably haven't tried it! Check out the Wanderlust 108 events when they're near you.

Feel free to take a look at the different things we did throughout the day!

Special thank you to adidas for sending me and Wanderlust 108 festivals for the incredible fun-filled day!



Making the transition to a fit and healthy lifestyle

Making the transition to a fit and healthy lifestyle